KKFI Crossroads Music Fest

Lead Bank Presents the 14th Annual KKFI Crossroads Music Fest

KKFI Crossroads Music Fest - 9.8.2017

Over 30 Local, Regional, & National Artists on 8 stages. The Weekend after Labor Day every year in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District. Kansas City is proud of our music scene and KKFI & Lead Bank are happy to showcase it for you.


KC Drum Roll Kick-Off -- 4 Drum Lines Marching Together

City of Drums

MixMaster Music Conference

Midwest Music Foundation - Free Musicians Health Care Clinic

Day Parties

VIP Venue

8 Unique Spaces for Live Music

VIP & Sponsor Party


Radkey & Quixotic Performers - Hembree

Hi Lux - Katy Guillen Brandon Phillips & the Condition Cubanisms - Instant KArmaEems - Gamelan Genta Kasturi Grand Marquis - Taylor Smith Band - BCR - sauce - rural grit- Ayllu - Freedom Affair - My Oh My! - Scotch Hollow - SunuVogts Sisters - Volker Brothers - Four Score - Summer Osbourne - Cowtown Country Club - Supermassive Black Holes - Cadillac Flambe - Vi Tran Band - Chad Elliott - Jo - turlach & Eddie - Turkey Bone & Full Count Gullywasher - Noah Davis & Co.

City of Drums - KICK OFF Party at 6pm

Marching CobrasMarching Falcons - Broadway Drill Team

Lead Bank Parking Lot (18th & Main, KCMO 64108)